Getting Started with Google Apps @ Grapevine My Google Apps @ Grapevine Account Security and Privacy
Getting Started with Google Apps @ Grapevine My Google Apps @ Grapevine Account Managing My Resources Security and Privacy
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Getting Started with Google Apps @ Grapevine

About Google Apps for LUSD

Google Apps for LUSD is a set of communication tools that includes email, a website tools, video and allows the ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars in a collaborative fashion. This powerful suite of applications is completely hosted by Google in an ad-free environment for students, faculty and staff.


General Issues and Solutions

Loading issues? 'Oops...' errors? App frozen? Check out the Google General Issues and solutions page for answers to the most common Google Apps issues.


Browser Compatibility

Google Apps no longer supports Internet Explorer 6, as it does not effectively support new features, interactive applications, video and voice. Supported browsers include:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
  • Google Chrome 4.0+
  • Safari 3.0+

Browsers older than these, will not support the new Docs and Sites features offered in Google Apps. 


Need to connect to your email account?

New! Visit the Connecting to a Mobile Device  page  to configure your favorite mobile device to connect to and recieve your email. 


How do I get an account?

User accounts are creating through an automated procress.  For further details, visit the My Google Apps @ Grapevine Account  page .


Security and Privacy

Your account security and personal information is important, please review the Google Apps for LUSD.  Information about Google's privacy policy and terms of service may be found on the Google site. 


Getting Help

For questions relating to Google's web-based applications, please visit the Google Support website.

Getting Started with Google Docs

You can become a master of  Google Apps Docs and managing your digital locker. Check out the resources below and you'll be on your way.