Getting Started with Google Apps @ Grapevine My Google Apps @ Grapevine Account Security and Privacy
Getting Started with Google Apps @ Grapevine My Google Apps @ Grapevine Account Managing My Resources Security and Privacy
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Security and Privacy

Who owns the data that LodiUSD's put into Google Apps?

To put it simply, Google does not own your data. Google does not take a position on whether the data belongs to the institution signing up for Apps, or the individual user (that's between the two of you), but we know it doesn't belong to Google!


Where is LodiUSD's data stored?

Our data is stored in Google's network of data centers. Google maintains a number of geographically distributed data centers, the locations of which are kept discreet for security purposes. Google's computing clusters are designed with resiliency and redundancy in mind, eliminating any single point of failure and minimizing the impact of common equipment failures and environmental risks.

Access to data centers is very limited to only authorized select Google employees personnel.


Is LodiUSD's data safe from your other customers when it is running on the same servers?

Yes. Data is virtually protected as if it were on its own server. Unauthorized parties cannot access your data. Your competitors cannot access your data, and vice versa. In fact, all user accounts are protected via this virtual lock and key that ensures that one user cannot see another user's data. This is similar to how customer data is segmented in other shared infrastructures such as online banking applications.


What student information was provided to Google?

The only information that has been provided to Google, is a student's first and last name. This information is used in the creation of a student account. No other information on students is provided. This is far less information required than when an individual Gmail account is created.


Summary of Google's privacy policy for LodiUSD's users.

  • It's your content, not Google. Your Apps content belongs to your school, or individual users at your school. Not Google.
  • Google will not look at your content. Google employees will only access content that you store on Apps when an administrator from your domain grants Google employees explicit permission to do so for troubleshooting.
  • Google will not share your content. Google does not share personal information with advertisers or other 3rd parties without your consent.
  • Google will sometimes scan content. And for very good reasons, like spam filtering, anti-virus protection, or malware detection. Our systems scan content to make Apps work better for users, enabling unique functionality like powerful search in Gmail and Google Docs. This is completely automated and involves no humans.

Note that there are a few common-sense exceptions to the points above, like valid legal processes and maintaining the safety and security of our systems.